What is Foam Rolling?

Gaining much popularity over the past decade, foam rolling is a great way to perform self-massage.

Foam rolling should be used as a preventive method. Here to show you some basic moves, Dr. Kirk will go over some easy ways to enjoy the benefits of foam rolling.

Foam rollers, massage balls, and rolling sticks have all gained a lot of popularity in the past decade and that’s a good thing because they work and they’re effective.

Foam rolling is a good way for you to perform self massage or self myofascial release at home quickly and effectively.

It’s not magic, but if done proactively it can prevent injuries.

The foam roller can be used as a warm-up, can be used as a cool-down, or it can be used to relieve tight muscles in conjunction with stretching and activity modification.

This video runs through a couple of the major muscle groups that you can use with this at home.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/hLBazi86OHk