Physical Therapy

We strive to help our patients feel comfortable and achieve their goals.


SportsMed Physical is committed to providing the highest quality of care in your home

Occupational & Hand Therapy

Regain functionality and movements to complete daily tasks.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy addresses dysfunction in the pelvic floor


Acupuncture is a versatile treatment that is very common in Chinese medicine.

Chiropractic Care

A type of non-invasive treatment that helps reduce pain and disability

Shoulder Packing to Prevent Shoulder Injury

Pack Your Shoulder to Prevent Injury

Learning to pack your shoulder is essential for almost every exercise you do. Shoulder packing will not only protect it, but will also give you more leverage when doing pulling or pressing movements such as Lat Pulldowns or Bench Pressing. What is Shoulder Packing? The shoulder joint has high amounts of mobility which is a good thing because it […]