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Working Long Hours? Start Sitting Smarter

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Working Long Hours? Start Sitting Smarter

It is no secret that prolonged periods of sitting can lead to several health risks. However, desk jobs are here to stay, so instead of fighting it, learn how you can be sitting smarter.

Sitting Smarter On The Ground

Working Long Hours? Start Sitting Smarter

The most ideal position to sit in is cross-legged or lotus, the top of each foot on the opposite thigh. This is a tough pose for most beginners. However, sitting in a cross-legged position allows the body to get into a better position (placing weight on your pelvis not the hamstrings), it also requires you to squat to stand, which takes the hip through a normal range of motion.

Sitting lotus may be difficult if hip range of motion is limited so sitting cross legged is the best option for many. If unable to sit cross legged comfortably, you do not have normal hip range of motion (ROM). Limited ROM can lead to several problems down the line, but the good news is that it is possible to increase ROM over time.

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Start by getting into a cross legged position as much as possible throughout the day. The position can be achieved on most chairs at work, restaurants, or at home. If you end up rounding the upper back, sit on a cushion or pillow that raises your hips up a bit. If rounding still occurs, practice this position against a wall.

Tips for Cross-Legged Sitting

  • Keep knees flat on the ground
  • Use pillow to raise hips if having difficultyWorking Long Hours? Start Sitting Smarter
  • Keep back straight

Keep in mind that the only way to get used to sitting in a cross legged position is to practice.

Sitting Smarter in a Chair

As mentioned before, it is possible to sit cross legged on most chairs, but in public, you may not feel comfortable doing so. Other options include sitting on a chair with the your knees pushed out and the bottoms of your feet together or sitting on the edge of the chair with feet firmly planted on the ground and your back straight. Lastly, get up every 20-30 minutes or shift sitting positions to get blood flow into restricted areas.



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