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Say Goodbye to Neck Pain at the Workplace

Neck pain is just about as common of a complaint as back pain at our offices. With more and more people working at sedentary jobs, it’s no surprise. People that sit at a desk, or drive a vehicle tend to be especially prone to neck pain at the workplace.

We live in a heavily internally rotated society, our shoulders round forward (internal rotation), chest falls down and we stay there for many hours during the day. Think about it, we are internally rotated when sitting at a computer, when we’re driving, texting, and at home watching television. The perfect recipe for neck pain.

First thing you need to do is try to sit-up up tall with your shoulders over your hips, ears over shoulders, and semi-relaxed. This ideal position is not many tend to be in. Have you ever slumped or slouched without realizing it? Bingo, that’s where the problem stems from.

So what can we do about this? Well the first step is becoming more aware of the issue and trying to fix the position you’re in when you notice it’s incorrect. You can also do stretches and exercises that will help relieve the muscles that become overused or tight, and bring us pain. Try this routine, which can be done at work during a break.

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Check out The Ultimate Office Desk Stretch Routine to get even more ways to avoid neck pain at the workplace, as well as other common sedentary injuries.


Do you, or someone you know experience neck pain at the workplace and/or limited function?

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