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Natural Ways To Reduce Inflammation

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Natural Ways To Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can be an issue, especially with the older generation when joints and soft tissue become more prone to injury. Inflammation typically presents itself in the form of swelling, pain and redness around the affected part of the body and it can be particularly irritating if it appears constantly after exercise.
Today, we will take a look at some natural ways to reduce inflammation in your body and get your body ready for the next workout.

Cold Compress

Cold compress works to reduce the pain and inflammation in your body, especially if the injury is new. When you apply pressure with a cold pack onto the inflamed area, you will effectively be able to numb the area and slow down the blood flow. This will reduce fluid build-up in the area and ultimately reduce inflammation.

With cold compress, you also want to elevate the inflamed area and use an ice bag that is able to wrap around the affected area. You may use regular cold gel packs or a more cost effective option is a bag of frozen peas. A cold compress should be done within 48 hours of the affected area becoming inflamed to ensure the greatest effectiveness.

Warm Compress

After a period of time, certain parts of your body may still be inflamed and you may feel symptoms such as stiffness and muscle spasms. When this happens, it may be a good idea to start using a warm compress.

Warm packs are used to bring more blood to the affected area and reduces joint stiffness and spasms in the muscles. Inflammation may be caused due to a buildup of chemicals in your muscles that lead to signs of muscle ache, swelling and even pain. By using heat, it allows blood to flow and thus eliminate the buildup of these chemicals over time. Take special care not to apply too high of a heat or risk burning your skin.

Self-Myofascial Release

If you’ve tried the first two methods and signs of inflammation are still present at the affected area, consider performing self-myofascial release. A common area affected by inflammation would be your shoulders and foam rolling the area with a lacrosse ball can easily alleviate the pain and loosen the muscle knots at the affected area. This should be performed only days after the inflammation has remained and is not advised to be performed immediately when the inflammation kicks in.

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