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Acupuncture is a versatile treatment that is very common in Chinese medicine.

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Norwalk CT

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Steve Adelman
7 months ago
I have gotten PT for sports injuries, but I recently needed help for an office worker problem. My back went into spasm from sitting at a desk with my arms outstretched to type and my shoulders hunched to see my monitor. Dumb, but very uncomfortable. Physical therapist Dawn Nagy has been fabulous at getting me back to functionality. She is relentless digging into my knotted muscles, but knows when to let me recover. She is interesting and fun (despite being a Jets fan!), which helps me relax so she can do her job. I recommend Dawn at SportsMed very highly.
Marilou San Diego
a year ago
The receptionist / manager Monica and PT assistants are all very friendly, accommodating and helpful. Excellent team! I went to Jed for my back pain radiating down to my groin. By the end of my 1st session, my pain is much relieved that I was able to walk normally. His knowledge and expertise is amazing. He listened and carefully diagnosed me, clearly explained everything, and created a plan for rehabilitation. I highly recommend SportsMed to anyone who needs an excellent physical therapy service
Gerald Myles
a year ago
The entire staff is so friendly and attentive. My physical therapist (Jed) identified the source of my pain right away. He put together a daily regimen of stretches, exercises, and massage treatments. I got five star treatment twice a week at SportsMed and continued my routine at home every day and night. I was completely pain free in under a month. I can’t say enough good things about my experience.
Lisa Goldstein
a year ago
I started at SportsMed in Norwalk a few weeks ago. Monica, who runs the office, is amazing and proactive re: every request. Jed is a wizard at helping devise programs for complex structural issues like mine (MS complicating spinal herniation), and trains his techs accordingly so they can maximize the value of each visit. We do a combination of light cardio, strength training, assisted stretching, stim, and light massage. I began to feel better after going 3x/week for 2 weeks - and look forward to continuing to build my strength with that team. They take my health insurance which makes this all the better!
Prem Dave
a year ago
Jed, all of the PT assistants, and Monica and the rest of the front desk staff were all amazing the entire time I was at SportsMed. Jed was super helpful in creating a PT plan for my ankle injury and was very clear how many sessions and weeks he wanted me to do. He progressed the exercises and difficulty at an appropriate pace and I left SportsMed feeling 100% back to normal. As an athlete, I constantly put severe strain on my ankle but it has held up through all tests because of the work that Jed and the team did on it. On top of this, the staff were all super friendly and it was a nice and cozy environment inside the place. Can't recommend them enough!
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