Joint Replacement Therapy

Our pre and post-operative joint replacement therapy is designed to strengthen your joint and surrounding muscles, ensuring a smooth surgical process and effective recovery.

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Joint Replacement Therapy

Prepare for your Joint Replacement Surgery

Your joint replacement is a significant step towards improving your quality of life. However, optimal results often require adequate preparation before the surgery. Here at SportsMed, we emphasize pre-operative joint replacement therapy to strengthen your joint and surrounding muscles. This pre-emptive strategy prepares your body for the surgical procedure and makes post-operative rehabilitation more efficient. A stronger joint pre-surgery often translates into smoother recovery post-surgery. The key to maximizing the benefits of pre-operative therapy is to start EARLY!

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Post-Operative Joint Replacement Therapy

Your journey towards recovery doesn’t end with the surgery – it merely begins. Post-operative joint replacement therapy is a crucial part of the process, and choosing the right physical therapy office can make a significant difference. At SportsMed, we pride ourselves on our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in rehabilitating joint replacements daily.

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Our Goals for Your Recovery

Our post-operative therapy is designed with three fundamental objectives: First, we strive to restore your Range of Motion to 100%. Second, we focus on bringing your Strength back to full capacity. And third, our treatment aims to alleviate your Pain entirely, targeting a level of 0%.

Specialized Equipment for Your Recovery

One of the standout features of our post-operative joint replacement therapy is the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This advanced equipment, initially developed by NASA, allows us to fine-tune your body weight in 1% increments during the rehab process, guiding you gradually back to an optimal walking stride.

First Appointment: What to Expect?

In your first appointment, our specialist therapists will review your doctor’s prescription and assess your current condition. They’ll conduct physical tests and based on these findings, a personalized treatment plan is drawn up. We aim to keep you informed and comfortable throughout your recovery journey.

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Joint Replacement Therapy at SportsMed

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Joint Replacement Therapy

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