Avoid These Winter Health Woes!

Avoid These Winter Health Woes!

It’s December! The snow, the holidays, gingerbread cookies, and the injuries. It’s not unusual for our offices to pick up more patients during the winter months, the majority of which come in due to avoidable injuries! Before the snow piles on, take our advice and keep your winter health meter high!

Oh look, there’s snow! Here come the winter woes…

Winter Health Woe #1

If you’re not normally active, you may not realize just how hard it is to clear that driveway. Stretch before you start, take breaks often, and hydrate. Snow is heavy, so keep good form when you’re lifting up a full shovel(use your legs, NOT your back!).

Winter Health Woe #2

Ice. Need we say more? Countless people come to our offices after a slip and fall. Wear proper shoes for the winter, and salt your walkways! Be especially careful with the elderly and small children.  You don’t want to end up with a torn bicep from grabbing something during a fall, or worse, a thrown out back.

Winter Health Woe #3

It’s easy to forget about your normal stretching and exercise routines during the winter. The sun sets before 5pm, and your body thinks it’s time for bed. Don’t let the sunset stop you from being active – keep up your routine throughout the winter to stay limber, and in shape.

Winter Health Woe #4

Cold temperatures are not ideal for muscles. You might feel tightness if you work outdoors, or you spend a great deal of time outside. Stretch before you start your day, and wear layers to keep your muscles loose. A tight muscle can lead to strains, and a trip to one of our offices.

Winter Health Woe #5

The food. So. Much. Food. It’s true, the holidays give us a reason to eat more. But set a plan for yourself and stick to it. Each pound you gain means you’re putting more pressure on your joints! While we encourage everyone to enjoy their favorite holiday foods, drinks, and desserts, we just suggest you enjoy them in moderation.

Final Thoughts

As always, we wish you a safe and sound winter, and a joyous holiday season. If you think you’re suffering from a common winter injury and you need to recover fast, feel free to contact our offices.

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