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How To Alleviate Neck Pain [VIDEO]

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How To Alleviate Neck Pain

Has your neck been feeling stiff or tight? Have you been experiencing migraines?

Neck pain is very common with people who work at a desk for most or all of the day. People that sit at a desk, or drive a vehicle tend to be especially prone to neck pain due to posture and a sedentary lifestyle.

To work on your posture, try to sit up tall with your shoulders over your hips, ears over shoulders, and semi-relaxed. This ideal position for when you have to be sitting. Slumping or slouching for long periods of time lead to neck pain issues down the road.

We are continuing with our “How To” Series this week and focusing on neck pain exercises. There’s no need to live with neck pain anymore. One of our expert physical therapists, Will, is here to help alleviate neck pain by demonstrating some exercises below.

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Watch below to see two exercises that may help Alleviate Neck Pain:

Scapular Retraction: Helps to correct desk job posture.

Upper Trapezius Stretch: Relieves Stress


[youtubeVideo id=”JsvGhZJ_0Ww” height=”250″ /]


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