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Treating Neurological Disorders with AlterG

June 24, 2019

When we think about treatments for neurological disorders, many of us may not immediately make the connection between physical therapy and neurological disorder. The fact is, physical therapy is among one of the most useful treatments for neurological disorders and treating neurological disorders with AlterG technology has helped tremendously since its inception.

Many patients with neurological disorders find themselves not performing their prescribed exercises, partly because it is just too difficult for them and that they don’t see the direct long-term benefits from the exercises. Their neurological disorders may cause further worsening or at the very least no improvements with their movements, learning, speech, breathing and swallowing, affecting their quality of life tremendously.

With the AlterG technology, not only does it make it that much easier for patients with neurological disorders to perform their prescribed exercises, but it helps them do so in the safest environment possible.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill provides patients with the ability to walk, run and perform their respective exercises painlessly, made available through the technology’s gentle unweighting of their body weight. Real-time data analytics and tracking of their walking patterns (gait) and form allow their physical therapists to make that much more of an impact in decision-making for faster recovery. Patients no longer have to worry about falling or having trouble doing their exercises as AlterG takes away these pain points, both literally and figuratively.

For patients with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease or are recovering from a stroke and traumatic brain injury, you may be wondering how treating neurological disorders with AlterG can help bring about a better quality of life. Firstly, AlterG’s calibration and cadence make it that much easier for patients to perform their exercises, awakening the part of their brain that calibrates their movements. Once the first step is taken, patients will gradually be able to regain movement in their limbs and muscle groups and be able to maintain the progress that they have gained throughout their physical therapy journey. All of these, together with the help of a dedicated physical therapist makes the AlterG one of the best systems in the world to truly aid in one’s recovery and rehabilitation journey.

Be it to prevent your mobility from getting worse or simply to improve your condition brought about by neurological disorders, the AlterG technology can bring about a fresh experience in your physical therapy treatments. If you are serious about rehabilitation or just simply wish to bring your training to the next level while managing a neurological disorder, then perhaps it is time to give AlterG a try and bring back some control to your goals in life.