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Exercise to Help Lower Back Pain

December 8, 2017

Low back pain is a common problem and many people ask me what exercise they should do for their core.

There are a lot of different exercises to choose from, but if I had to pick just one exercise, it would be the side plank.

Studies have shown that there is not a huge amount of increase in intra-disco pressure when performing the side plank compared to other deep planks and is therefore safe to use.

In this video, Dr. Brendan Kirk goes over one of his favorite exercises to relieve lower back pain. He demonstrates how you can progress and develop this useful exercise over time by increasing the repetitions and your flexibility with each phase.

This gentle movement has been shown to provide relief and be a powerful way of increasing mobility in the lower back, particularly when coupled with regular daily practice.

It can help people regain function following injury or other trauma by promoting blood flow, restoring flexibility and normalizing spine motion.