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How to Be More Active In Passaic County, New Jersey

October 20, 2017

Living in Passaic County can be really exciting with the plethora of different activities around the area. If you are ever bored of or would like to be more active in Passaic County, then here are few interesting activities you should try out in your free time. The options are aplenty and definitely worth exploring!

Hiking to See Waterfalls
Starting with the waterfalls in Passaic County, the county is known for its beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and lakes where people regularly hike up to, to enjoy the sights. There are a number of places such as the Passaic falls and the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park where tons of visitors regularly visit to enjoy the beautiful rugged mountainous highlands.

Mountain Biking
New Jersey is known for its absolutely fantastic bike trails that range from paved paths to muddy forest trails that are designed to give riders a challenge. Passaic County is one of the few areas with impressive trails in the parks, such as at the Mianus River Park and Gram Hills Park. Perfect for getting active together with a group of friends on a long weekend!

Scenery Watching
If you enjoy the wildlife and taking pictures during your hikes, then the Norvin Green State Forest is an excellent place to visit this fall. This natural ecosystem is filled with birds and other wildlife, all while being easily accessible to the public. On a good day, you will even be able to see the Manhattan skyline in the distance!

Horseback Riding
Yet another unique feature in Passaic County is the numerous areas where horseback riding lessons are offered. Areas like Ringwood State Park and Echo Lake Stables offer an exploration of the beautiful scenic areas by horseback riding, giving you a different experience from hiking. In addition, they offer weekend night rides which can be quite a sight to see depending on the different seasons.

Indoor Sports
Not everyone will enjoy nature and the outdoors and it’s understandable. There is an abundance of indoor sports center in Passaic County that will leave you craving for more. Areas like Indoor Sports Plex, Turf City Indoor Sports and West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment Complex contain a variety of different sporting activities. They include tennis, turf fields, basketball courts and even baseball. There are always trainers around to help so it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sports.

There are tons of activities available in Passaic County to keep you entertained for a really long time, so get out there today and stay active while having fun! Remember, physical fitness doesn’t have to be boring or mundane, so go out there and try something different now!