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5 Signs Your Body Is Starting To Break Down

October 19, 2018

Aging is a natural process that comes with both its upsides and downsides. One of the most common signs of aging is when your body starts showing signs of wearing out. Before you start wondering if you’re truly aging, here are 5  signs that your body could be potentially starting to break down.

Decreased Energy

This is the first of the 5 signs of aging. Everyone enjoys their youth, with an abundance of energy and motivation that never seems to end. Yet one fine day, there seems to be something off about your body one morning when you wake up. Or maybe you start to feel a little less motivated on your next birthday and before you know it, you start to notice a loss in your vigor and drive in life. Decreased energy levels are one of the biggest signs of your body starting to break down, especially if you’re already consuming large quantities of caffeine. If they are not dealt with in time, it could adversely affect your way of life.

Joint Pain

It could start randomly, or maybe you start to realize a pattern when it rains, and your joints start to ache. Joint pain or arthritis is a common sign that your body is starting to break down because it is in fact related to certain processes of your body losing its efficacy. Things like the wearing down of your cartilage as well as wear and tear in your joints are all factors of joint pain and signal to you that certain functions of your system may not be performing as well as they were in your 20s. If you start realizing that occasional joint pain starts to get more frequent with time, perhaps it’s time to start considering a lifestyle overhaul to improve your general health.

Slower Recovery

On top of increased fatigue, slower recovery in your body could imply that certain functions are slowing down. If you find yourself taking longer to recover from sore muscles, or that you get injured very easily, then this could be a sign that your body’s recovery function is slowly breaking down. Should you be practicing a sedentary lifestyle currently, it is time to consider adopting a more active lifestyle.

Increased Fatigue

One of the most obvious signs that your body is breaking down would be the increased fatigue that you may feel as the day progresses. It is uncommon if you find yourself waking up exhausted despite sleeping an hour more than usual, so remember to take that sign with caution. An increase in fatigue will not only affect your quality of life, but daily activities like driving can become a real danger for you and your loved ones.

Restricted Movements

The last of the 5 signs are restricted movements. Now not all restrictions in one’s movement could be attributed to our body breaking down. After all, everyone loses their flexibility from the moment they age as a child all the way until they are old. But restricted movements should be a cause for concern if you find yourself not being able to perform the bare minimum of everyday movements. We are talking about the lack of one’s ability to bend down and pick up items without breaking a sweat, or being able to jog for short distances without hurting one’s knees. These are all signs of restriction in your movements that are not normal and could potentially mean your body is breaking down.