Physical Therapy

We strive to help our patients feel comfortable and achieve their goals.


SportsMed Physical is committed to providing the highest quality of care in your home

Occupational & Hand Therapy

Regain functionality and movements to complete daily tasks.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy addresses dysfunction in the pelvic floor


Acupuncture is a versatile treatment that is very common in Chinese medicine.

Chiropractic Care

A type of non-invasive treatment that helps reduce pain and disability

Neurological Rehabilitation

Our specialized physical therapists provide a comprehensive approach to help you navigate your neurological rehab needs.

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The Power of Neurological Rehabilitation

Begin Your Journey Towards Recovery With SportsMed

At SportsMed, we understand that the path to recovery from neurological conditions can be challenging. Our specializations in Strength Training, Balance Conditions, Nerve Damage, and Sciatica help us create personalized treatment plans for our patients. What truly sets us apart is our one-on-one approach, as we believe every patient deserves our undivided attention and care to help them get back to their desired lifestyle.

Your Initial Consultation: Laying a Strong Foundation

When you first visit us, you’re not just another patient. Our physical therapists, specializing in neurological rehab, will carefully review your doctor’s recommendations, if available, and conduct a thorough examination of your current condition. This includes understanding your rehabilitation process to date, assessing your current strength, and your range of motion and pain levels.

Building a Treatment Plan Together

Post-assessment, your physical therapist will discuss with you a detailed treatment plan, considering your recovery timeline and what to expect throughout your therapy. Your understanding and comfort with the treatment plan are vital, hence you’re encouraged to ask as many questions as needed.

Embrace Innovation with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Among our top-notch rehab equipment is the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, a revolutionary machine designed by NASA, providing a safe and controlled environment for gait training. The treadmill lessens the body weight’s impact on your lower extremities, mirroring the effects of pool therapy, which can immensely help improve and strengthen your gait.

Locations Equipped with AlterG’s

We have these treadmills in several locations including Ridgewood/HoHoKus, Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, Englewood, Wayne, and Montclair. More locations like Jersey City will soon be equipped with this amazing technology.