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Work Out Safely with Ankle Pain

February 8, 2017

If you’re an avid runner or participate in high-intensity sports, chances are you’ll be plagued with ankle pain at some point in your life. Unfortunately, ankle pain can be a real nuisance as it will very likely prevent you from doing any serious form of exercises due to the nature of the debilitating pain.

Depending on the circumstances of your ankle pain, there are multiple ways to overcome the problem and continue your exercise regularly.

The first step to working out with your ankle pain is to understand the condition from which the pain arises. If you find yourself experiencing the pain only after your workout, then it probably has something to do with either inappropriate footwear or the pronation of your foot.

Long term over-pronation or supination of the foot may develop pain in your ankles, shin, and knees if not properly addressed. Similarly, when you wear shoes that are not providing the support needed for your ankle, the increased tension between your tendons may result in irritation or inflammation.

Work Out Safely with Ankle Pain

The simple solution here is simply to make sure that you are wearing proper footwear that is specific to your foot. Brands, such as Asics, cater to people with over-pronation, supination, and neutral pronation in their foot and when fitted correctly, can prevent ankle pain.

Other genetic problems such as flat foot will clearly pose a problem to your ankle and lower leg when participating in extended periods of physical activities.

Always warm up your ankle mobility thoroughly before going ahead with any physically intensive activities in order to prevent sprains and strains in the ankle. If you’re constantly using your ankles for intensive training, it is advisable to wear an ankle guard to ensure proper stability.

Work Out Safely with Ankle Pain

Finally, practicing ankle mobility exercises to improve ankle dorsiflexion is key to improving the range of motion for your ankles. With a greater range of motion, there will be less tendency for strains arising from hyperflexion and instability.

Stretching of the calves can also play an important role in ankle mobility and reducing pain due to tight soft tissues. This also maximizes pliability in the ankle. Practice these tips regularly, even if you’re not currently experiencing any ankle pain, and you’ll be on your way to overcoming lower body injuries.

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