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SportsMed PT Success Stories, December 2016

January 9, 2017

Every day, our physical therapists and supporting staff build someone’s personal success story. This December 2016 we added to our long line of successes!

Here are some of the December 2016 patients we want to congratulate for their hard work on the road to recovery.

December 2016 Success Stories

Tommy Moore was referred to physical therapy by his primary care physician after his low back and sciatica pain debilitated him from simple life activities. He entrusted his road to recovery with SportsMed Physical Therapy of Clifton, New Jersey.

Tommy worked closely with his designated physical therapist and his treatment plan included various exercises and modalities that got him back on his feet.

Tommy’s commitment and trust in the SportsMed Physical Therapy of Clifton, NJ team has shown through his quick recovery. Glad to be part of your progress and we wish you the best Tommy!

SportsMed PT Success Stories, December 2016

Roberto Aquino was experiencing spasms, weakness, and pain in his left shoulder and also had great difficulty in his walking. His treating practitioner entrusted his recovery with SportsMed Physical Therapy of Glen Rock, New Jersey.

Roberto utilized our SportsMed Physical Therapy courtesy transportation service to come to his physical therapy sessions three times a week. He was very active in his sessions and worked closely with our whole staff. His treatment included a variety of exercises and stretches to regain his mobility and strength.

Today, he graduates from physical therapy and looks forward to a more active and pain-free lifestyle. We’ll miss you Roberto and we wish you well!

SportsMed PT Success Stories, December 2016

Donna Carroll participated in the New York City Marathon this past November 2016. She entrusted her preparation for the marathon with SportsMed Physical Therapy in Hohokus, New Jersey.

Donna came to her physical therapy sessions three times a week and was determined to reach her physical best for the marathon. For the past 8 weeks, her treatment plan included various strengthening exercises with the help of the Alter G, Anti-gravity treadmill machine.

With all the SportsMed Physical Therapy services available to her, she was confident in her performance for the marathon! SportsMed Physical Therapy of Hohokus, NJ is very proud to have been part of Donna’s journey and watch her successfully complete the marathon and earn her medal!!!

SportsMed PT Success Stories, December 2016

Eric Steltzer came to SportsMed Physical Therapy of Fair Lawn, New Jersey after he sprained his right knee. He consistently participated in his physical therapy sessions three times a week and strictly followed his treatment plan with his physical therapist and staff members of SportsMed Physical Therapy.

An important part of his treatment plan was SportsMed Physical Therapy’s AlterG, the Anti-Gravity treadmill. The use of the machine enabled Eric to gradually get to full weight bearing and back to his full potential.

Thanks Eric for entrusting your recovery to SportsMed Physical Therapy of Fair Lawn, NJ. We wish you well!

SportsMed PT Success Stories, December 2016

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