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5 Ways to Reverse the Effects of Aging in Your Bones and Joints

November 23, 2018

Chances are, you didn’t find this article by luck, but rather experienced some form of pain in your joints and bones that seem to be happening around you with your friends. You may be wondering if the pain experienced in your bones and joints can ultimately be reversed. The good news is, it can be, but you would have to put in some effort on your part to make sure the effects are reversed. Here are 5 ways to reverse the effects of aging on your bones and joints.

Resistance Training

Reversing the effects of aging with your bones and joints requires effort and hard work. More importantly, it requires decisive action on your part to start doing resistance training. This means that it is imperative to start some form of weight training activities in order to start relieving the pain in your bones and joints. For starters, constant exercise will lubricate your joints and decrease the swelling and pain in it, but this requires consistent effort on your part to maintain a habit of resistance training.


If you have never considered supplementations, then it could be time to start experimenting with them. Glucosamine is a popular supplement that treats pain in joints, reduce stiffness and protects the joints from further damage. Consult your medical practitioner to find out more about the supplement if you are already experiencing pain from moving your joints.


Calcium could be another supplement that you may want to consider trying. It helps to reverse the effects of aging in your bones and joints by decreasing the loss of bone density through supplementing your body with enough calcium. As you age, the amount of calcium in your body may not be sufficient enough to replace those that are necessary for bodily functions such as muscle reparation, central nervous system and clotting of blood. Supplementation of calcium takes care of that functions and prevents osteoporosis from worsening the conditions of your bones and joints.

Reduce Inflammation

The fourth most comprehensive way to reverse the effects of aging in your bones and joints is to reduce inflammation in your joints. Regular supplements such as calcium and glucosamine may be able to reduce inflammation on a systemic level, but care must be taken as much as possible on the external level. This means that activities that may cause swelling in your joints and bones such as excessive exercise or heavy impact on your joints have to be kept to a minimum. Consider icing your joints should inflammation occur and try as much as possible to cut down on the activities that present inflammation.

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Stretching Regularly

Finally, stretching regularly is a definite must because it is directly correlated to the health of your joints. Part of the reason why there could be a pain is that your joints are not properly lubricated and stretching helps to rectify that. As you age, stiff joints are going to be one of the major detriments in your life, so try to build a habit around stretching. Ideally, a daily stretch in the morning and night would suffice to reverse the effects of aging on your joints and supporting tendons.