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Try These Workout Modifications for Knee Pain

April 4, 2017

Knee injuries are common, especially for active individuals. Once they occur, it is especially frustrating because of how they impair both performance and progression. Unfortunately, there really is only so much you can do in order circumvent the injury and continue your workouts. Always seek advice from your medical professional before going ahead with the workout modifications to your workout.

Here are your workout modifications for knee pain:

Squat Modification

One of the most common times people experience knee pain is while squatting, and the reason for this is usually form. Trainers emphasize good form, especially when squatting, because when you work out with the wrong form, you recruit the wrong muscles and place unnecessary strain on your body. This ultimately exposes your knees to injury risk.

If you are experiencing pain in your knee when you squat, it’s time to make workout modifications to your form. Start by working from a box squat, to ensure you are hitting the proper depth in your squat. Research has shown that partial squats inflict a higher stress on the knees, which may be the reason for your knee pain.

Leg Press Modification

This one is simple. If the leg press is giving your knees problem, don’t do it! The leg press restricts your movement patterns and because of that, your body may be incompatible with the path of travel. This results in the pain you feel in your knees. You are better off doing box squats, weighted lunges and other free weights in order to prevent strain on your knees.

Cardio Workout Modification (Running, Sprinting, etc.)

Knee pain can occur for a variety of reasons, one of which is the patellofemoral pain syndrome, or the runner’s knee. If you perform an extensive amount of cardio (such as running or sprinting) throughout the week and your pain level increases, the best course of action is to take some time off from those exercises. Replace your cardio with activities such as the elliptical machine or a high-intensity workout revolving around free weights, because they have a lower impact on your knee.

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