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Quick Fixes For Your Back Pain

June 2, 2016

Do you have back pain? If it lasts for over a week, get it checked by a medical professional. If you merely tweaked it, you may be able to recover with some quick fixes.

Many times, back pain comes from being too sedentary. Sitting for most of the day will cause the body to adapt to that position and that will cause problems when you get up, go out for a run, do yard work, or play a pickup game of basketball.

Tweaking your back is quite common. Usually people take caution when an incidence occurs and they want to rest it. Get this into your head right now – that is not a good idea. Resting does not promote blood flow. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients and they promote healing. Sitting delays healing. The best course of action is to move and exercise in ways that promote healing and act as quick fixes. That’s not to say a few minutes off your feet won’t hurt – you just can’t make rest your only treatment.

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If you have any questions, or want a consultation with a professional, feel free to call, or schedule an appointment online at any of our Bergen County or Passaic County offices in New Jersey. Choose from Glen Rock, Franklin Lakes, Fair Lawn, Ridgewood/Ho-Ho-Kus, and/or Clifton – we make it possible for you to visit any of our offices at your convenience.

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Here are a few quick fixes for when you have back pain:

Foam Roll Your Piriformis

The Piriformis is a small muscle that starts in the lower spine and connects at the top of your leg bone. Its main function is to help with rotating the hip and turning your leg out. If this muscle is inflamed it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve causing sciatica.

Quick Fixes For Your Back Pain

  1. Sit on top of the roller and keep your hand behind you.
  2. Stretch out on leg and cross the other over it.
  3. Bend the bottom leg so your foot is flat on the ground.
  4. Now lean into that side.
  5. Roll up and down the glute and pause on tender spots.
  6. One hand will be behind you providing support while the other is on your knee.

Foam Roll Your Psoas

The Psoas is a muscle that runs from your lower back to your leg bone and is one of the main hip flexor muscles. Sitting all day can cause this muscle to become tight and when standing can pull on the lower back causing tension. While not the cause of all back pain, most will benefit from releasing and stretching this muscle for some quick fixes.

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  1. Kneel and place the foam roller in front of one knee.
  2. Lean forward so that the roller is pinned between your quad and the floor.
  3. Your elbows will also be on the floor and it will look like you are doing a low plank.
  4. With the roller on your quad, roll up and down your leg, pausing on tender spots.
  5. To get the Psoas, you need to go above your hip bone into your lower belly.
  6. This may cause discomfort but try to relax and breathe regularly.
  7. It may take some time to find it but focus on the side of the lower belly.

Child’s Pose

Quick Fixes For Your Back PainThis is a great yoga inspired pose to get into anytime because it helps release tension in the back. Try doing it in between rolling your piriformis and psoas.

  1. Get on all 4’s
  2. Stretch out our arms in front of you as you lean your butt against your heels.
  3. The tops of your feet should be on the ground, but if this is uncomfortable you can place a pillow or towel under your feet to make it more comfortable.

Quick Fixes For Your Back Pain

Happy Baby Pose

  1. Lay on your back
  2. Bend your knees towards your chest
  3. Grab your toes.
  4. Open your legs as much as you can.
  5. Roll side to side.


Alternate Happy BabyQuick Fixes For Your Back Pain


If grabbing your toes is too challenging, try bringing your knees to your chest, hug your legs, and roll side to side.





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