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How to Be More Active In Bergen County, New Jersey

October 5, 2017

Bergen County in New Jersey is one of the most beautiful counties located in the United States, with tons of beautiful scenery and activities to do there. If you’re staying in the area, there are simply so many different ways to spice up your fitness life with the abundance of activities to try. With so many amazing things to do with family and friends here, you’ll be able to take a break from the mundane drone of life and experience some peace and serenity while staying active. Without further ado, here are some ways to be more active in Bergen County, New Jersey!

If you enjoy hiking or wish to see some beautiful sights, then Bergen County has got you covered! Not only are there tons of places to hike at, but they all look extremely beautiful in fall. If you are a fan of rugged trails and have pets, then the Ramapo Valley County Reservation is a perfect place to visit! With dog-friendly walking paths and a slight challenge in the trails, it’s one of the best places to get some cardio in. Besides the Ramapo Valley Reservation, the New Jersey Palisades is a great place to visit if you love hiking. With some really impressive cliffs and beautiful forestry, you’ll have a really enjoyable time working up a sweat here.

Scenic Views
Should you prefer to enjoy more scenic views instead while enjoying your walks, then Bergen County has tons of other places that are even more breathtaking. Places like the Harriman State Park are extremely expansive, having over 30 lakes and 2 beaches while boasting of over 200 miles of trails. There are just so many things to do there! Besides the Harriman State Park, the Sterling Forest State Park is also another amazing place to check out with its pristine forest, small lakes and wildlife habitat.

Another option for scenery lovers would be the Saddle River County Park, which is a pathway used to connect five different parks around the county. There are lots of play areas in this park, such as ball fields and playgrounds so you have no excuse to not get active once you’re there. If walking is not your thing, the Saddle River County has very beautiful cycling trails so you can cycle at leisure.

Places to Go For a Run
Avid fans of running will enjoy the Tallman Mountain State Park and its beautiful sceneries in fall while having the opportunity to view a beautiful sunset over the Hudson River. If, however, you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and vehicles, then running along the George Washington Bridge can also be an eye-opening experience for you! The iconic suspension bridge between Manhattan and New Jersey is excellent for viewing the skyline of New York while grabbing a couple of pictures for your collection.

Finally, if watersports are the kind of activities you enjoy, then Monksville Reservoir is a great place to visit with friends. Not only can you go kayaking there, but it’s a great place to fish and enjoy the calm serenity of the environment around you.

Bergen County is a beautiful place with lots of activities to keep you busy with, it’s almost impossible to not be more active! So what are you waiting for? Head out to these beautiful places before winter arrives and stay active while having fun.