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Healthy Summer Exercise for a Strong Body

June 9, 2017

Summer is here so get ready to head out into the sun and get active! If you’re a fan of the outdoors and getting fit, then this article will give you a brief list of healthy summer activities to strengthen your body while having fun at the same time. These activities can be done with friends or alone, but make sure you are well prepared to sweat it out. Without further ado, here are some activities that will strengthen your body!

Outdoor CrossFit
When the sun is all out this summer, prepare to do some outdoor CrossFit with tires and some heavy weight while burning those calories! Ranging from circuit training to heavy weight lifting and battle ropes, outdoor CrossFit is a whole other level of difficulty and change of environment when performed outdoors, making it a very healthy summer workout. If you’re doing this activity with your friends, get ready for a competitive time together!

Swimming has often been overlooked by many people since it can be done rather easily by everybody. But this summer, here’s another reason for you to go back to swimming besides keeping yourself cool: not only does swimming improve one’s muscle endurance, but it strengthens your core and torso muscles, which improves your overall posture.

It’s time to take a hike on the wild side as you experience both an astounding scenery as well as train your body. Hiking in the mountains not only strengthens your lower body with the arduous incline slopes, but it improves your stamina over time. Depending on your current fitness levels, you may wish to find trails that are suitable for your level.

Running on The Beach
There is nothing like strengthening your body by running on the beach. It is not only extremely challenging but makes for a great and healthy summer workout as your ankles, hip flexors and arms need to be activated more. Depending on your fitness levels, a low tide is easier than a high tide. Plan your workouts accordingly and you’ll start to see a stronger you in days!

Water Skiing
Water skiing may seem like just fun, but it requires strength from your upper body as well as strong coordination in your lower body. Water skiing will challenge your grip strength and also really bring out your shoulder, back and core stabilization! Expect to see a huge increase in your upper body strength when you regularly water ski this summer!