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3 Stretches That Alleviate Back Pain [VIDEO]

August 1, 2016

William Araneta, one of our in-house physical therapist assistants, is here to share the top 3 stretches that can help alleviate back pain. These simple stretches are perfect for those who spend many hours driving, sitting at a desk, or having to bend to lift up heavy objects on a daily basis. Preparation and consistency will help you prevent those pesky back injuries – watch the video below to get started!

Try These Stretches to Alleviate Back Pain:

  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Piriformis Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch

The best part about these stretches are that you can do them right at your desk or kitchen table, giving you NO EXCUSE to avoid back pain relief.

The Hip Flexor Stretch and the Piriformis Stretch are especially effective for reducing back pain associated with sciatica. This stretch also relieves lower back pain in general, as well as hip and knee pain.

If you have tight hamstrings, they pull on your pelvis and legs, causing them to tilt forward. This can place pressure on your lower back. Over time this stress can cause a strain in your lower back and lower extremities. Stretches for the hamstrings are an effective way to reduce tension in these areas.

The best time to stretch your hamstrings is after a workout or when your muscles are warm. Because the flexibility of your muscles is reduced when they are cold, it’s best to wait until you’ve warmed up before stretching these muscles.

Keep in mind that these stretches will only help reduce pain and improve flexibility – they will not actually heal your back. You may need to speak to a physical therapist before undertaking this program.

Stretches can be painful, especially if you haven’t done them in a long time, so don’t push yourself too hard. And if any of the stretches really bother you, stop doing them.

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