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At SportsMed Physical Therapy, we understand the challenges and discomfort that Torticollis can bring, and our team of experienced therapists is dedicated to providing effective and personalized treatment for patients in New Jersey. Torticollis, also known as wry neck, is a condition characterized by the involuntary contraction of neck muscles, causing the head to tilt to one side. Our specialized physical therapy services aim to alleviate pain, improve range of motion, and restore optimal neck function.

If you are located in Bergen County, we have conveniently located clinics in Paramus and Ridgewood where you can receive expert care for Torticollis. Our skilled therapists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the underlying causes of your condition and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Through a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and postural re-education, we will work with you to reduce muscle spasm, increase flexibility, and improve overall neck stability.

In Essex County, you can find our Torticollis physical therapy services in Livingston and Montclair. Our compassionate therapists will provide hands-on treatment to release muscle tension, improve joint mobility, and enhance postural alignment. We also offer ergonomic advice and home exercise programs to help you manage and prevent future episodes of Torticollis. With our individualized approach to care, we strive to empower our patients to regain control over their neck health and enjoy an improved quality of life.

If you reside in Hudson County, feel free to visit our clinics in Jersey City and Hoboken for top-notch Torticollis physical therapy. Our team of highly skilled therapists will address the root causes of your condition and utilize evidence-based interventions to reduce pain, improve muscle flexibility, and restore normal neck function. We focus not only on symptom relief but also on long-term prevention, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to independently manage your Torticollis.

SportsMed Physical Therapy is dedicated to serving patients with Torticollis in Passaic County and Union County as well. Our conveniently located clinics in Clifton and Union offer comprehensive physical therapy services that are tailored to your unique needs. By combining manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and patient education, we strive to provide effective and lasting relief from Torticollis symptoms. Our experienced therapists are committed to helping you achieve optimal neck function and enhance your overall well-being.