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How A Mattress Can Effect Your Back

March 22, 2017

Most people spend six to ten hours each night lying on their mattress. And it may not be a coincidence that back pain has been on the rise over the past few years. What if the reason for your back pain starts from your mattress choice?

Today, we will be taking a look at how a mattress can really effect your sleeping posture and ultimately cause back pain.

No two mattresses are alike in the sense that they have different amounts of coils, inner springs and paddings within it to give you a different sleeping experience. Most of this amounts to personal preference, ranging from a hard mattress to a soft mattress.

If you are used to sleeping on one particular type of mattress and you seem to experience pain in your back within the first 10 minutes of being awake, then perhaps you should consider another.

Depending on your sleeping position, your mattress material and hardness level should be varied. Avoid getting one that is too soft and lacks support for your lower back. Even though the feeling of sinking into a warm cozy bed after a long day at work seems like the perfect way to relax, what really happens after you fall asleep is a totally different story.

When your mattress is too soft, your spine is not able stay in its neutral alignment and it adopts the shape that your sleeping position forces it into. Not only does this place unnecessary strain on your other muscle groups that support the back, but it can really impair the quality of your sleep.

On the other hand, choosing a mattress that is too tough can result in pressure points on your back being triggered at night, causing you discomfort and even causing misalignment in your posture. What you want to do is actually visit a store and test the bed, without going straight for the firmest one available. Choose a mattress with medium firmness that can bring you satisfactory comfort, while providing your back with adequate support.

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