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3 Ways to Alleviate Back Pain Naturally

January 26, 2018

Back pain has always been an ongoing health issue for as many as eight out of ten people around the world and is so prevalent that at least thirty million Americans experience it at any given time. Back problems alone account for one of the most go to problems at the doctor’s office in a 2013 study and many Americans are paying costly fees in order to treat and address the pain symptoms in their backs. The problem with this is that most solutions do not address the root problem of the pain, resulting in unnecessary medication along with tons of money wasted annually. This article will discuss three ways to best alleviate back pain naturally by changing your lifestyle to address the root problem.

At Home Stretches and Exercises

Majority of people experiencing back pain lead a sedentary lifestyle which requires them to sit for up to 40 hours a week. Not only does this affect your posture, but ultimately brings about pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Many problems thus arise from this independent factor which automatically predisposes a large proportion of the population to back pain.

To properly address back pain, one has to physically strengthen their back through a variety of exercises and stretches that will target their back. Stretching of the piriformis muscle as well as the hamstrings on a daily basis, followed by a good lower back strengthening exercise is ideal to alleviate back pain naturally. Finally, it is important to take a break from sitting down once every thirty minutes, to give your back some time to relax if you’re experiencing pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Supplements

Aside from a sedentary lifestyle, a good diet can also help to alleviate back pain Most people consume a diet full of grains, sugar and fructose; ingredients that raise one’s insulin levels and increases inflammation throughout the body. All these contribute to the different ailments you may experience over the years and should be accounted for.

A few common supplements such as curcumin, omega three fatty acids, bromelain and glucosamine are ideal for reducing overall inflammation in one’s body through their various chemical properties. On top of that, consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet is essential in improving general well-being and support an active lifestyle.

Chiropractic Sessions

Finally, if you are willing to spend money to fix the pain in your back, it shouldn’t be on medications that suppress the symptoms of pain. You could opt instead for chiropractic sessions that aim to correct your biomechanical posture in your body. Chiropractors use their hands to perform spinal manipulation to align your body’s musculoskeletal structure, reducing the risk of pain arising from a pressed nerve. In this aspect, it is much safer than medication or even surgery and could potentially be a very rewarding way to alleviate back pain naturally. This should be more of a final resort or one where you go to for a quick solution. Regular chiropractic sessions can be really expensive in the long run and thus may not be your best choice of action.