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Physical Therapy

We are proud to offer some of the highest quality care in the state. We are a current leader when it comes to physical therapy in Bergen and Passaic County and we also have a team of highly trained physical therapists who would be more than willing to meet your needs in any way that they possibly can. Our team members are able to provide lightning quick results and they have a strong reputation when it comes to effective outcomes and clinical quality.

We believe in helping every single one of our patients and we have treatments available for every individual. It doesn’t matter whether you need help with post-operative rehabilitation, everyday aches and pains or a sports injury that is stopping you from achieving your full potential because we are able to relieve pain, improve mobility and most of all help you to become more mobile and independent. We can also work with those who have permanent physical disabilities as well, proving that you are in control of your own body with quality treatments and programs.


Our practice is also independently owned and high quality care is our number one priority. When you come to our clinic, you’ll receive one to one care and goal oriented targets with every visit and this is just one of the many things that helps us stand apart from our competition.

SportsMed Physical Therapy is committed to “Setting The Standard In Quality Care!”

Our Most Common Conditions Treated By Physical Therapy:

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