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    one-on-one care
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    Providing high quality care for all ages

    Pediatric to Geriatric
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    New Jersey's Premiere

    Therapy Center
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    Pre & Post

    Surgical Physical Therapy
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    Latest Physical Therapy

    Techniques and Procedures
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    Multi Professional

    Comprehensive Approach To Rehab

Physical Therapy

We are able to provide you with a state of the art medical centre that will make you feel comfortable from the second you walk through our doors
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Dedicated experts who are fully committed to your personal health and wellbeing, providing you with a pain-free result in the shortest possible time
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Experienced professionals that excel in the field of Chinese acupuncture as well as the other surrounding treatment alternatives

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AlterG: Come Walk On The Moon

AlterG is changing the way the world rehabs.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on tailoring all of our programs to meet your individual needs, goals and expectations.

We are proud to offer some of the highest quality care in the state. We are a current leader when it comes to physical therapy in Bergen and Passaic County and we also have a team of highly trained physical therapists who would be more than willing to meet your needs in any way that they possibly can. Our team members are able to provide lightning quick results and they have a strong reputation when it comes to effective outcomes and clinical quality.
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Our therapists work diligently to make sure that environmental barriers are identified and eliminated, helping you to gain back your own independence as well as helping you to live a pain-free lifestyle.
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The AlterG is NASA develop technology, providing you the same benefits as Aquatic Therapy, just better! Whether you are an athlete, suffer from joint pain or have recently undergone lower extremity surgery. The AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill allows our therapist to significantly decrease your rehab time by rapidly increasing your Range of Motion and Strength in a controlled partially weight baring environment.
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Our goal is to educate before treating. We feel that each patient should feel comfortable and understand the type of Chiropractic care they are going to receive and any other natural solutions that may be required to help relieve their symptoms. When our patients have the knowledge to know why our services will help them, they are given the power to improve their quality of life…
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Acupuncture is one of the most versatile treatment alternatives in the world of Chinese medicine. The ancient Chinese strongly believe that everyone has energy that forms pathways in the body. This energy flow helps you to stay healthy and free from any ailments that may limit your true potential. When these pathways become blocked, they can create pain and other related health issues. In order to counter this, fine needles are used to stimulate the body so the blockages can be removed, restoring health and balance within the hour.
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Spinal decompression is a form of therapy that helps to relieve acute or chronic back pain and any other spinal related issues. Spinal Decompression is a surgery free technique, to relieve unwanted pressure in your spine. Whether you have a herniated disc, sciatica, tight muscles or back pain in general, spinal decompression can help! Our team of specialist will help you understand your reason for pain and create a treatment plan customized to help you….
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