Khyati Bhayani, MS, PT

Khyati Bhayani, MS, PT obtained her Master of Science degree in Kinesiology and specializes in vestibular therapy and women’s health/pelvic floor therapy. She prioritizes continuing her education in order to better serve her patients, and has completed training with the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute (PF1 and PF2) and Mulligan’s Mobilization with Movement technique. 

As a physical therapist, Khyati looks forward to spreading awareness daily about the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy. The most satisfying part of her job is that she gets to help her patients become pain-free and regain their independence.

In her spare time, Khyati enjoys cooking and spending time with her family outdoors and on treks. She also has an adventurous side, and enjoys skydiving, under-water river walking, and learning to fly a plane 

In addition to English, Khyati speak the Indian dialects of Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.