Physical Therapy

We strive to help our physical therapy patients feel comfortable within our care; and work alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Chiropractic Care

A type of conservative, non-invasive treatment that helps to reduce pain and disability caused by many health conditions.


Occupational & Hand Therapy

Regain functionality and movements to complete daily tasks.


Acupuncture is a versatile treatment that is very common in Chinese medicine.

Dr. Jossana Ghobryal, DC


Dr. Jossana Ghobryal, DC received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She continued her education at Life University in Marietta, GA earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Ghobryal completed her clinical internship at the Life University Outreach Chiropractic Clinic, in which she provided care for the under-served community of Cobb County and its surrounding areas. She is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, as well as board-certified in Physiotherapy. 

Dr. Ghobryal’s primary focus is treating neuromuscular disorders by correcting the structural alignment of the spine in order to improve and restore proper function to the human body. She has experience with treating patients of all age groups, including children, teens, pregnant women, and adults. As a chiropractor, Dr. Ghobryal loves to educate patients about their spinal health; she is especially fulfilled when a patient expresses excitement and gratitude that someone has taken the time to help them. 

In her free time, Dr. Ghobryal enjoys spending time with her family, especially her dog Jayden.