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Caring for Your Body After Surgery

Surgery is a traumatic experience, both mentally and physically. We understand that our patients want their bodies back to 100% as soon as possible. Physical therapy is important to regaining full function after surgery. At SportsMed Physical Therapy, we specialize in post-
surgery care of the spine (back), hip, knee, shoulder and elbow.

Our physical therapists spend extra time teaching the proper strengthening techniques to help aid recovery and assess for muscle imbalances and compensation patterns, educating patients about proper posture and body mechanics for daily activities. Our therapists also develop personalized home exercise programs for each patient to help expedite the recovery process.

Restoring Function to Your Healing Body

We work under the specific prescription of our patients’ surgeons to get them on an intensive road to full recovery. This program starts very slowly; we know that those coming in for post-surgery care may still be in pain. Each day after surgery is a building block back to full, functional recovery. Our post-surgery care program is an active process led by the patient. We push our patients harder as therapy progresses. Some days are frustrating as the body is still healing; we are there to give our patients the emotional strength they need to get their physical selves back.

We help our patients recover faster and become stronger after surgery. We spend one-on-one time with our patients ensuring that they are not only doing their exercises but most importantly doing them correctly, and provide them with the individualized attention and support they need along the way

Physical Therapy − Advanced Rehabilitation

Our team of highly qualified and experienced therapists sets our practice apart from our competition. Our elite therapists are experts at analyzing and diagnosing injuries. We never treat only the injury. We always look to treat the imbalances in your body that lead to the occurrence of an injury. Therapy at SportsMed Physical Therapy is not an “assembly line” approach; it is an intensive one-on-one experience. You will be an active participant and taught the techniques to manage your road back to recovery.

Active Recovery − Optimizing Performance & Function

Our goal is to get you back to your desired lifestyle. Whether an injury or surgery set you back, we will focus on maximizing your recovery. We have the tools to help you regain strength, increase flexibility, and learn techniques to restore your health and prevent recurring injury.

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